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In which a young lawyer desires his fiancée married cousin

Dominic West reads ‘The Age of Innocence ’by Edith Wharton

In which a young lawyer desires his fiancée’s married cousin. Set in 1870s smart New York society, Newland Archer is happily engaged to the lovely May Welland until her exotic cousin, Countess Ellen Olenska, arrives from Europe. To save the family from scandal, he encourages her not to divorce her estranged husband. Realising he is falling for her, he tries to speed up his marriage to May, but still he cannot suppress his desire for her.


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  • Z. SmithPosted: 2012.09.16

    Carte Noir, the coffee I love to (not) drink when I'm (not) listening to Dominic West read Jane Austen

  • SarahPosted: 2012.04.30

    It really stinks that the videos were removed from this site in favor of a substandard Facebook format.

  • Renee TonePosted: 2011.05.17

    I am unable to access any of the readings, for some unknown reason. Can you help? Thanks!

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