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In which Mr Thornton expresses more than gratitude to 				Margaret

Greg Wise reads ‘North and South’by Elizabeth Gaskell

In which Mr Thornton expresses more than gratitude to Margaret. Set in the Victorian industrial town of Milton, North and South centres around Margaret Hale, a well-educated Southerner, and Mr Thornton, a harsh Northern mill owner whom she despises for treating his workers so harshly. One day she shields him from a stone thrown by a striking worker. This extract occurs the following day.


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  • EmmaPosted: 2017.02.26

    Hello, I wanted to say before I ask my question that this is the most brilliant way to advertise for coffee and should be given a raise. My question is that for some reason the videos won't play for me on this website. I don't think its my flash player and it would let me if it was, I sent this link to my friend and it worked just fine for her so I think its my computer. Me and friend both live in the U.S. So is there anyway I could watch this without it being stuck on 9:42/15:25 with a black screen? Thank you for your time!

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