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In which Will visits Dorothea for a final goodbye

Dan Stevens reads ‘Middlemarch’by George Eliot

In which Will visits Dorothea for a final goodbye. In the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch in the 1830s, the intelligent young Dorothea has fallen in love with her dead husband's young cousin, Will Ladislaw. Sadly, she is set to lose her inheritance if she marries Will. Both Will and Dorothea have fought their scandalous attraction to each other, and now Dorothea has heard that Will is leaving town.


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  • LeonaPosted: 2016.05.01

    In my opinion Dan Stevens has the most amazing voice in the world. I already bought 21 Audiobooks narrated by him. But where can I get other audios, short stories performed by him?

  • RyanPosted: 2012.07.17

    This video dosen't work on my PC. Who can tell me the reason? Thank you.

  • koopPosted: 2011.10.18

    i don't think there could be a better person for this! His voice is amazing!!! Bravo!!!!

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