The Carte Noire Readers

For a more seductive coffee break

Carte Noire presents Greg Wise

Greg Wise is a highly respected English actor, known mainly for his roles in costume dramas Sense and Sensibility, Cranford and Madame Bovary. He is married to Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson and has one daughter, Gaia.

On books:
He doesn’t count reading scripts as reading. “Well that’s work, isn’t it?”
On coffee:
I’ve been drinking Carte Noire Instant Decaff for years.
On the readings:
Well, obviously I like all of them but I guess my favourite is Sons and Lovers. And Persuasion. And the Kiran Desai.
On accents:
The names in Lust, Caution were a bit tricky. I would have asked my local grocer, who’s from Hong Kong, but when I went down there, he was closed.
Favourite love scene:
I think it’s probably the scene from Sense and Sensibility where Elinor says to Edward ‘Then you are not married?’ and then starts crying and laughing.
Favourite place to read:
In bed. Well actually, it’s the only place I read.