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For a more seductive coffee break

Carte Noire presents Dominic West

Dominic West is a British stage and film actor. He came to international fame his role as Baltimore detective, Jimmy McNulty, in the acclaimed TV series The Wire, currently showing on BBC2. He played Oliver Cromwell in last year’s critically acclaimed The Devil’s Whore and he has just finished filming Centurion, starring as the Roman commander, General Virilus. In July 2009 Dominic will be seen starring in the lead of the BBC film Breaking The Mould. This Autumn, theatre audiences can catch him at London’s Donmar Warehouse in Life Is A Dream, a play by the seventeenth century Spanish playwright Pedro Calderon De La Barca.

On books:
At the moment I’m reading four books: Josephine Hart’s The Truth about Love which is extraordinary. Then, A Night at the Majestic by Richard Davenport-Hines – it speculates what happened in a dinner party in Paris between Proust, Joyce, Picasso and Stravinsky. I’m just getting into Antony Beevor’s Stalingrad. And a David Sedaris book – I knew his sister, who is the funniest person I’ve ever met. He’s very funny too.
On coffee:
I prefer roast and ground. Coffee just tastes better from a cafetiere.
On the readings:
My favourite reading was the Nick Hornby one. And the Pat Barker was great.
Austen has been a revelation to me. I wasn’t really a fan before doing these readings, but it’s amazing stuff. My mother, sisters and wife always used to bang on about her, and now I understand why. I used to think Elizabeth Bennett was silly – but she’s not at all, she’s really bright and witty.
On accents:
I didn’t really get the hang of the American accent in The Age of Innocence, but you get a bit of license with East Coast nineteenth century New York accents.
Favourite love scene:
The French always do the best love scenes. My favourite is from a French film called Gadjo Dilo, where the hero and a gypsy girl run through a birch wood ripping off their clothes. A great scene.
Favourite place to read:
I like reading, especially on long train journeys. I did a degree In English Literature at Trinity College Dublin. My favourite authors are probably James Joyce, and then Tolstoy. But for some thing more everyday – Martin Amis and Julian Barnes.