The Carte Noire Readers

For a more seductive coffee break

Carte Noire presents Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens is a British actor, known for his roles as Edward Ferrars in the BBC’s Sense and Sensibility and as Nick Guest in the BBC adaptation Alan Hollinghurst’s Booker Prize-winning novel The Line of Beauty. He is currently playing Septimus Hodge in an acclaimed West End revival of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia.

On books:
I adore books and love reading, but it’s hard to find the time. Life is a bit hectic this year – I just got married, and now we’re expecting a baby, and then there’s the play every night. I'm getting through Richard Holmes The Age of Wonder at the moment.
On coffee:
Carte Noire has always made me smile, the coffee so good they had to name it twice - Un café nommé desir...
On the readings:
My favourite reading was the Oscar Wilde, I suppose. My other dissertation at Cambridge was comparing The Picture of Dorian Gray to Will Self’s Dorian – so I know the book well - it's beautiful.
On accents:
I did some quite obscure reading while I was at Cambridge. I did an English literature degree at Emmanuel College and ended up doing a dissertation on this American poet called Hart Crane. Not many people have read him, fewer bother to write about him.
Favourite love scene:
The love scene preoccupying me the most at the moment is the one which occurs off-stage between Mrs Chater and Septimus Hodge, whom I’m playing in Arcadia. I'm accused of having “a perpendicular poke” with her in the gazebo and am then challenged to a duel. Great fun.